Lack of sleep in children might lead to obesity, says study


    Updated Trends: A new study has found that pre -schoolers who are deprived of ample sleep are likely to become obese. According to the researchers on New Zealand, the lack of sleep has some connection with the increase in the body weight of the child.

    child sleeping

    In the study, the doctors are still not sure about the impact of the theory. To have a closer look, 244 children between the ages of three and seven were observed by Prof Rachel Taylor from the Human Nutrition Department at the University of Otago in Dunedin along with some colleagues.

    Every six months, the height, weight , body mass index as well as body composition were measured. Children were also made to wear accelerometers to monitor their movements. Even the parents of the children were asked to fill their questionnaire, which had inquired about their sleep as well as diet habits.

    It was found that the children on an average slept for 11 hours per day. The study had shown that the reduction in the duration of the sleep had directly affected the weight of the child. The reduced sleep leads to obesity in the children. After the reports were published, the Canadian pediatric Society had advised that the children between the age of three to seven must have at least 10 to 12 hours of sleep.