Five easy exercises for lazy people


    Updated Trends: Not every one likes to be involved in much activities that involve exercise. There are many people who hate to exercise and still want to maintain fitness and health, but it is easier said than done. For those who hate to exercise or should we say, the lazy bones, here are the best exercises that can help to keep you fit.


    1. Yoga – All one needs to do is breathe, stretch and stay in that particular pose. Not many people are aware that even breathing exercises help in keeping fit and healthy. One can consult with an instructor, who is trained in breathing exercises or just get yourself a yoga mat, and start yoga. It’s relaxing and it doesn’t feel like exercise.

    2. Walk – Just wear your sports shoes and enter some latest tracks in your iPod and hit the road or a park. You may not even realize how time passes and will also complete the exercise quota before you know it. Another suggestion? Take your dog for a walk. This way both you and your dog get some much needed exercise.

    3. Cycling – You can even enjoy cycling on an empty road or in an area that is not much crowded. Cycling is the best exercise and can be done by a person who does not like to spend time in the gym. To make cycling fun, you can ask some friends to join you everyday.

    4. Running – Running for not more than 5 kms is also a wonderful way to keep yourself fit. To make it more interesting, wear the best sports wear you have with an iPod and hit the road or a park near you.

    5. Dance – What can be a better exercise than dancing? Just turn on the music, close the doors and windows and dance as if no one is watching you. If it makes you feel any better, turn off the lights and ‘dance in the dark’.

    All you need is motivate yourself to put down that plate, get off f that chair and walk into that better zone. Reward yourself with something healthy every time you overcome obstacles in your ‘exercise-life’. You’ll be amazed how much these simple exercises can help not only your body, but also your outlook of life in general.