Women tend to take more sick leaves than men?


Updated Trends: When it comes to taking a day off at work, in the battle of the sexes, who is the clear winner? A recent survey has revealed that women who are employed, tend to take more sick leaves than men do. The study has shown that men on an average take 140 days of sick leave, during their term of working life.


On the other hand, women took 189 days sick leaves in their working span. The study was carried out by Benenden Healthcare Society in UK. The survey was conducted in 1,000 men and 1,000 women, and it revealed that on an average, a person took three and a half days of sick leave in a year.

The number of sick leaves taken by women was slightly higher than taken by men. It was observed that more than 70 percent of women felt that they were unable to take offs from work, on the other hand six out of ten men also felt the same way.

According to the research, women claimed that they tried hard to get to their work desk and had even felt guilty in case of they took a day off. However, the report had also said that men took leaves for more minor problems like cough or cold, while women took leaves only in case of running temperature or vomiting, or even when they have their periods.