What are the main culprits of hair loss?


    Updated Trends: A lot of people might try to get more information on how to stop hair fall, but not may of them try to prevent it or know the actual reasons behind hair fall. One must try to get to the root cause of the problem, and not just focus on some topical and temporary solutions. Here are the five things that may be responsible for hair fall.

    hair fall

    1. Chemicals – Constant usage of hair color and chemicals used for straightening of the hair are extremely harmful for the hair and cause more harm than ever. One must avoid such harmful chemicals and should opt for natural products. Even if you do color your hair, keep a gap of 6-9 months before you color your hair again.

    2. Stress – It is true that stress also causes hair fall. In such a condition, one must try to be in a happy and a stress free environment and must have a healthy diet. Prayer and meditation is a great way to beat stress and to in turn, develop a more confident outlook.

    3. Dirty hair – Many times when proper hygiene of the scalp is not maintained, then the clogged hair follicles lead to hair fall. One must regularly wash hair, at least twice a week.

    4. Over doing hair styles – Indulging in too much of hairstyling leads to weakening of the roots of the hair. One must avoid constant hairstyling, excessive use of mousse and hairspray, as it may lead to even permanent damage.

    5. Lack of essential vitamins – One must also have a proper diet containing fruits and fresh vegetables. One should make sure to have a balanced diet to maintain healthy hair. Eating green leafy vegetables like spinach is a good way to keep your hair healthy. Also make sure that you eat oily fish or roasted flax seeds as the Omega-3 fatty acid is excellent for your hair growth.

    And believe it or not, your state of mind also influences the condition of your hair. Several studies have shows that people who are stressed out tend to lose more hair than people who are calm. Although genetics does play a major role, preventing hair loss is way better than the cure.