Healthy and nutritious drink options for growing children


    Updated Trends: Children are a group of individuals who are considered as delicate and need to be nurtured in the right direction when it comes to their lifestyle. One has to make sure to take special care for the children in terms of eating habits. Many times children develop the habit of having aerated drinks that are not good for their health and end up putting themselves at health risks which can impair their development and cause problems later in life. Here are the five drink alternatives that are good for your child’s health.


    1. Water – Children who are at their growing stage must be given water at regular intervals. Water is essential for those children who are active and are involved more in physical activities. It hydrates the body, cleanses it of toxins, and is a thirst-quencher,

    2. Milk – Milk is one of the most important beverages for children. The presence of calcium in milk makes it essential for the development of their bones, teeth and the body. It is best when drunk with little sugar, instead of too many lumps.


    3. Orange juice – The purest form of orange juice is healthy for children. The juice contains ample amount of Vitamin C and calcium, which are some of the essential ingredients for the growth of children.

    4. Ginger Ale – Ginger can be consumed for children who are sick. Children who have digestion problems can be given ginger ale to soothe their stomach.

    5. Apple juice – Some children may be allergic to orange juice, in such a case apple juice can be given as it is gentle. It is also good for the stomach.