Prevent ear infections in children in 5 simple ways


    Updated Trends: Children are prone to ear infections and it is very important to be careful and cautious and take some precautions while taking care of a child. Kids loves to play with people and things and doesn’t realize that is they don’t take care, then they could be getting themselves in for some infection. We have a list of a few precautions that can help in preventing ear infections in children.


    1. Baby sitter – Children who are less a year old ,are prone to cold and ear infections. In such a case, one must avoid sending the child to a day care, where the child interacts with other children, and at the same time, ensure that the child is kept away from people who suffer from colds and fever.

    2. Milk Allergy – Such a case may be rare, but is possible in certain cases. If the child has some chronic infection, stop giving milk products for at least four weeks and then observe. It is best if you check up with your doctor first.

    3. Don’t smoke – If you are a smoker, then your child is more prone to cold and ear infections. The best thing is to quit smoking or at least can avoid smoking when your child is not around.

    4. Observe for sinus infection – In case the child has a cold and the nose muscles have swollen and colored, then there are possibilities that the child may be suffering from sinus and has to be treated. Treating sinus in time helps in avoiding ear infection.

    5. Feed in upright position– While feeding from a bottle, make sure that the baby is in the up right position. If the baby is in a horizontal position then there are chances that the milk may enter the Eustachian tube and cause an ear infection.