Fibre-rich foods reduce the risk of cancer


    Updated Trends: While many have spoken about the benefits of fibre-rich food, researchers have said that the consumption of such foods cuts the risk of cancer. According to the scientists, there has been increasing evidence that fiber is good in preventing bowel cancer.


    The researchers, referring to some up-to date data, have said that there is convincing evidence that can prove that the fibre-rich food is beneficial in preventing cancer. In 2007, a study has said that fibre-rich food can probably offer protection from cancer.

    According to the latest research, three servings per day containing whole grains and cereal fibre has the potential to reduce the risk of cancer. While analyzing the causes of bowel cancer, scientists have said that the main culprits that cause cancer are red and processed meat.

    The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) had said that they recommend people to have a diet that contains greens and fibre-rich foods like pulses, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. The WCRF had commissioned some experts from Imperial College London to have a glance at the data that was collected. The WCRF has also recommended people to avoid processed meat and also to have not more than five to six medium portions of red meat.