Healthy foods which won’t burn a hole in your pocket


    Updated Trends: It is not essential that healthy foods must burn a hole in your pocket. There are several cheap options too that can also be healthy, but all it requires is some patience and motivation. Not sure of food that can be cheap and yet nutritious? We have the top five options for healthy food.

    Eggs and Fruit

    1. Fruits – There are certain fruits like tomatoes and papaya that are healthy and also do not cost much. Papayas are rich in iron, while tomatoes are a good source of anti- oxidants.

    2. Rice and Beans – Use the natural beans, instead of canned ones and cook them in the appropriate way to make it a healthy meal. One can add little more water than normal as rice can soak excess water.

    3. Eggs – Eggs are not only cheaper,  but are also a yummy option to healthy food. One can have boiled, poached, scrambled or baked to make a good, cheap and a healthy meal.

    4. Salad with sprouts – Salad are a tasty option along with some sprouts. One can mix in carrots, tomatoes, beans, lettuce or even boiled potatoes and garnish it with some lemon juice to add some tang.

    5. Oatmeal – Not many people are aware that oatmeal has some sweetness in them. Instead of adding sugar in the bowl, try some honey along with some fruits to make it a healthy breakfast. You can add fruits as well to pep up your meal.