Yummy appetizers to serve before dinner


    Updated Trends: Appetizers before dinner are the first course, which stimulates the hunger of diners. There are several options that can be prepared for appetizers, after all, these pieces of food will decide if it’s really worth going in for the main course. Appetizers do not take a lot of time to prepare, and with the right planning and ingredients, it can become a hit. Here are the top five appetizers that can be prepared before dinner.


    1. Vegetables with dip – One can select a few seasonal vegetable and cut them in to small pieces. Arrange them on a tray and serve along some salad dressing or a dip made of coriander. Vegetables like carrots, celery sticks, radishes, broccoli, are some good options.

    2. Chips and dip – Chips and a dip are the best option and finishes off soon. Select a variety of chips and lay them on a tray along with an onion dip, cheese dip or a spicy tomato dip.

    3. Meatballs and sauce – One can purchase frozen meatballs or can even make them at home and serve them with some hot sauce. For vegetarians, one can even prepare some vegetable balls that can be served with ketchup.

    4. Spring rolls – Spring rolls are a yummy Thai preparation that can be served with ketchup or salad. Spring roles can be made with meat or without meat and include lots of cabbage, carrots and seasoning.

    5. Fish sticks – Fish stick are another yummy option that can be served with either mayonnaise or even ketchup. Lay them on a plate and garnish them with some julienned onions and carrots.

    Although these appetizers may be yum, they are not necessarily fat-free. For healthier appetizers, make sure that you use lots of vegetables and boiled food items, and roast them instead of frying .