Most expensive and precious gemstones in the world


    Updated Trends: Many people have an eye for good gemstones and like to wear them on grand occasions. Gemstones are the best accessories for evening formal get-together and wedding receptions. But not many people know what stones are really the biggest in the world. For those who need little more details on gemstones, here are the top five expensive gemstones.


    1. Red Diamonds – The Australian mines are the best source for the red diamonds, which are carefully shipped in order to maintain the prices. The stones can be measured according to the carat.

    Blue Garnet

    2. Blue Garnet – Blue garnets are known for their changing color, when they are exposed in different lights. A blue garnet is rare and is difficult to find, compared to other garnets. The cost of a blue carat can cost up to 1.5 million per carat.

    3. Serendibite – Serendibites are also one of the rare stones, which are found in the Asian continent of Sri-Lanka. The cost of the stone ranges from two million dollars for a carat.

    4. Painite – The price of the Painite ranges from $50 to $60,000 per carat. The stones can be found only in Burma and sometimes in Myanmar.


    5. Jadeite – The Jadeite gemstone can cost up to 1 million for a carat. They can be found in the country of Guatemala and also in a few places in north California.