Taking a power nap helps your body in 5 ways


    Updated Trends: In this stressful and busy world, one often forgets that there is an option to take a nap. A nap is like an energy pill that restores the energy in to the body. For those who feel dull during working hours, take a short nap in order to keep you going, but that’s if it is possible to catch a few Z’s. Here are the five benefits of taking a nap.


    1. Improves alertness – A short nap helps you in focusing on your work and also improves alertness. It also works in keeping away the sounds and distractions around you.

    2. Cognitive functioning – Researchers have said that a 30 to 45 minutes of a nap helps in improving the cognitive functioning by 40%. However, the nap should not extend more than 45 minutes, or it may show declining signs.

    3. Reduces stress – A short nap helps in talking away all the worries and work for a while. A person may even feel confident after taking a nap.

    4. Relieves fatigue – All though it is an obvious benefit, it cannot be ignored that a short nap makes you feel fresh and energetic. It revitalizes your body and gives you strength for the remaining part of the day.

    5. Promotes relaxation – For those who are suffering from knee joint pains or chronic back pains, a short nap can be like a rescue for them. Giving your body rest is as important as taking medications, so don’t neglect a small nap everyday.

    What are you waiting for? Take that comfy pillow and get yourself a power nap to give you an energy boost for the day. But remember, it works if you keep the nap short.