Cosmetic surgery does your body more harm than good


    Updated Trends: Cosmetic surgeries are slowly becoming popular among youngsters due to the growing peer pressure to look the best at all times. The trend is common among those who do not have much confidence and are looking for a confidence boost, or probably just to compete against their rivals or friends. In either case, the aim is to make yourself look different from who you are really are and this is where the trouble lies. We made a list of the five reasons that you must keep in mind before opting for a cosmetic surgery.


    1. Health risks – Those who go for cosmetic surgeries are prone to paralysis, blood clots, depression, stroke and many such life threatening side effects. So it is better to think twice before you opt for any type of cosmetic surgery, because one tiny mistake by your cosmetic surgeon, can result in a lifetime of regret.

    2. Expensive – Any type of cosmetic surgery may cost you a fortune because they are never cheap and no one has a cheaper option. Think wisely before you invest the huge amount from your hard earned money, and is it really worth it?

    3. More surgeries – It is not essential that a cosmetic surgery could stop at one. One can even have to go through more surgeries in order to properly rectify the problem, and this will not only result in a financial drain, but it will also lower your confidence in the one thing you placed so much faith.

    4. Fake looks – One may end up in a disaster by looking horrible instead of getting the look that you had desired for. There have been may reports of nose jobs, lip plumping operations and even breast implants going badly wrong.

    5. Family acceptance – It is very essential for the support of the family in case of surgeries. In case if any family member is against the surgery, then you have to sit and make them understand the consequences of the surgery.

    There is no better beauty than your natural beauty, so why try to be someone else, when the answer lies inside you!