High-protein foods which are low in calories


    Updated Trends: Proteins are the most essential nutrients which have to be included in the daily diet, so as to maintain good health. Proteins play a vital role in the heath of the skin, as well as hair. These days, there are not many options for foods that have more proteins and less calories. Here is the list of foods that have more proteins ad should be included in your diet.


    1. Fish and poultry – Fish are high in proteins and less in calories. They can be eaten in any form, but for health reasons, it’s best that you eat it hard boiled. Even chicken breasts are best for those looking out for more proteins; it is also a known fact that the breast piece of the chicken has the least amount of calories.

    2. Dairy – Instead of regular yogurt, you can opt for low-fat yogurt. For those who are on a diet, yogurt can also be the best snack. You can also opt for low fat cheese and low fat butter milk, which has fewer amount of calories, and just the same great taste.

    3. Egg Whites – Instead of talking the whole egg, you can just remove the yellow portion and have the white portion of the egg. However, one can even avoid wasting the yellow portion by buying the egg whites from a grocery store. This is advisable for peoplpe who have high blood pressure and health problems.

    4. Red meat – Meat can be considered as the best source of protein. Meat contains all the essential amino acids which are essential for protein synthesis.

    5. Vegetable Protein – For all the vegetarians, soy is a good source of proteins. There are also manufacturers who make low fat tofu, which is very nutritious.