Tips to save on wedding expenses and cut costs


    Updated Trends: The Wedding day is the most crucial day for the bride and the groom as this is the day, when a couple starts their new life together. Apart from the bride and the groom, it is also a crucial day for the families of the couple as they are the ones who have to look after the expenses of the wedding ceremony. Many a time, with so many customs and traditions that need to be followed, the wedding expenses tend to go to the roof, and instead of being a fun day, it becomes a stressful day. We have compiled five simple tips to keep in mind to control your expenses for the wedding day, and this is sure to bring a smile back to your face.


    1. Off-season wedding – An off season wedding is the best time to plan the wedding as this is the time the wedding essentials will not be expensive, especially jewellery, the wedding hall and even decorations. This is the time when you will get most of the discounts from the vendors, and can end us saving a lot of money.

    2. Save early – One can start saving early for the wedding day. Each partner can contribute from their every month’s salary cheque which can accumulate by the time the wedding is planned. A good tip to follow is for each partner to open a bank account or deposit, and save money in it on a monthly basis.

    3. Design own invitations – One can design your own invitations instead of spending lavishly on the commercial invitation cards. All you need is some inexpensive but stylish card paper, some glitter pens, ribbons and some creativity.

    4. Country wedding – Plan you wedding at the country side, as the prices in the country side are much lower when compared to the city prices. Also, you tend to be far away from the hustle of bustle of daily life and can enjoy the wedding day a lot better.

    5. Study the rates of the market – One should not buy things immediately. Make sure that you survey the rates in various shops and then go for the ones who offer the cheapest. In brief, comparison shopping can do you a great deal of good, if you just keep checking around for the best deals.