Wrinkles in clothes? – Top 5 tips to prevent it


    Updated Trends: It’s a week day and you wake up in the morning to find no electricity and to make it worse, wrinkled clothes! Clothes with creases on them could ruin your whole day, especially when you have to make a presentation at work or have to attend a wedding! But don’t worry as we have five simple tips to make your clothes wrinkle free.


    1. Use hangers – As soon as the clothes are removed, make sure to hang them on hangers properly. This prevents wrinkles in clothes and saves the effort of ironing them again and again.

    2. Buy wrinkle free fabrics – While purchasing clothes, make sure you buy clothes that are made of wrinkle free fabric. The option is best for those who do not have much time to iron.

    3. Roll the clothes – Those who are frequently on the run and travel often, it is advised that they roll the clothes instead of folding them in the suitcase. There may be a few wrinkles but may not be that much caused by folding.

    4. Wrinkle spray – One can opt to buy a wrinkle free spray. They are easily available in the market and all one has to is just spray it on the clothes and smooth the surface with hands.

    5. Do not leave clothes in dryer – Take out the clothes from the dryer as soon as it is done. Allow them to hang so that the cold air settles the wrinkles.