Involve children in pet care in 5 creative ways


    Updated Trends: A pet in the house is no less than a family member since it also requires equal amount of attention like the kids do. At the same time, having pets when you have a growing child at home, adds to the child’s experience. Here are the five ways to get the children involved with the pet care.


    1. Water check – Instruct you child to have a periodic check at your pet’s water bowl. Tell the kid to make sure there is always some clean water in the bowl.

    2. Take your child along for a pet walk – When you are walking the dog, make your child accompany you. If your child is grown up, then teach him/her how to handle the dog’s leash, etc.

    3. Make your child to give pet food – Measure out the food of the dog and make your child give the food to your dog. If your child is old enough, then you can also teach them how to measure food.

    4. Bathing assistant – While giving your pet a bath, ask you child to assist you. You can ask your child to apply the shampoo while you hold the pet.

    5. Pet shopping – Take your child to the pet shop and tell them the essential things that you pet requires regularly. Educate your child on the different products you see in the shop, and explain the reason for each.