Main reasons behind the formation of dark under-eye circles


    Updated Trends: Eyes are the most appealing part of the body, and the first things that a person notices about a person is the eyes. The ‘eyes are the windows of a soul’, but the beauty of the eyes can be reduced due to the formation of dark circles under the eyes. Have you noticed how the area below your eye is becoming darker every year? This is because of a number of lifestyle and genetic factors, and to make these dark circles disappear, you need to tackle the main reasons for dark circles.


    1. Lack of Sleep – Many people do not take this factor seriously. It is essential to have at least eight hours of sleep every night. Sleeping for a few hours or having irregular sleeping patterns causes dark circles under the eyes.

    2. Odd timings – People who work in night shifts or students who prefer to study in the night are more prone to get dark circles under the eyes. This affects the natural clock of the body, which results in puffy circles.

    3. Hereditary – If a person has naturally deep eyes, then the shadow of the eye makes it look like dark circles.

    4. Oral medications – Dark circles can also be caused due to the side effects of some medications. Try to discuss this issue with your doctor, who can prescribe some medications that do not have such side effects.

    5. Medical reasons – Some times it may also be due to some medical reasons. A health care professional can conduct various tests and evaluate the exact cause.

    Make sure that you get good sleep and eat lots of nutritional food. Placing a slice of cucumber or potato over the eye is also a good natural remedy to reduce dark circles, but for extreme cases, it is better to check up with your dermatologist.