5 reasons children should not drink energy drinks


Updated Trends: There are many energy drinks available in the market for the adults. They are exclusively meant for adults as they give that extra kick for them to keep themselves energetic the whole day. But not many are aware that such drinks are not meant for the consumption of the children or even adults. Here are the five reasons why children shouldn’t consume energy drinks.


1. Caffeine – Most of the energy drinks contain caffeine. The metabolism of children is different from adults. Their body cannot manage more of caffeine. Such drinks are not even good for the teenagers.

2. Nutrition – Children when in their growing stage must be given all that is healthy and nutritious for them. Most of the energy drinks lack nutrition in them.

3. Medication – If children are going through some course of medication, in such a case they must avoid the energy drinks as the drinks may cause an overdose.

4. Obesity – Energy drinks have high amount of sugar, which is more than required for the body. Such drinks can cause obesity, as they have high content of sodium and sugar.

5. Medical reasons – Medically it is not at all advised that children should consume such energy drinks. Energy drinks can also be sometime dangerous for the children as they can cause the racing of the heart, which can be some times fatal.