Boosting your memory power is no longer a challenge


    Updated Trends: Most of us suffer from the common problem of memory problems. Many people, especially children, find it difficult to concentrate on studies or any work they indulge in and even trying every trick in the book seems like an unsuccessful attempt.But now, boosting your memory power is not out of reach as long as you follow 5 simple steps.


    1. Proper diet – Proper fuel has to be supplied to the brain in order to make it function according to your wishes. The functioning of the brain depends on vitamin B 12, which is mainly obtained from milk products eggs and meat.

    2. Regular exercise and sleep – It is essential to also give your body some amount of physical exercise. According to experts, just 30 minutes of walking or any exercise helps the functioning of the brain. It is also essential to get enough sleep.

    3. Mental exercise – Apart from your body, the mind too needs some exercise. One should keep solving puzzles and mind games that force you to use your brain. Try Su Doku, Crosswords, and word games to get your brain in top shape.,

    4. Neurobics – Usage of neurobics helps to stimulate the brain. For instance, if you use your left hand for some work while you are naturally right handed, this may help in stimulating new brain cells.

    5. Social life – One has to also maintain social relationships in order to stimulate the brain. Meeting up with friends and family help reduce stress. Praying and mediation, and keeping an optimistic outlook can also do wonders to your brain and overall health.