Teachers complain of lack of support from parents in disciplining children


    Updated Trends: Teachers in UK are now days complaining that the parents of the pupils are failing to support the teachers in disciplining the children. The teacher’s union NASUWT has said that the lack of support is the main cause of lack of discipline in children.


    According to a survey by the union, children in school turn up with iPods and mobile phones and do not have the basic equipments like pen in their bags. Nick Gibson, the schools minister has assured that the government will increase the powers of the teachers to deal with the bad behavior of the children.

    The union has argued that the responsibility of the parents does not finish after leaving them at the school gates. A survey, in which more than 8,000 members had participated, was published at an annual conference in Glasgow. The report had mentioned that the teachers felt that they do not get enough support from the parents to discipline the child.

    The survey had even mentioned that more than half of the teachers did not receive any support from the parents, the government and school leaders to maintain the standards of the student behavior. The teachers opined that the mobile phones and the iPods are among the major distractions for the children.