Prepare for a natural disaster in 5 simple steps


Updated Trends: A natural disaster strikes anytime without any warning. And when it strikes, one hardly gets time to think and react. Most of us panic in such situations. However, one can always prepare oneself to deal with such emergency situations. Here are the top five ways to prepare for a natural disaster.


1. Keep cash handy – When a natural disaster strikes, none of the debit or credit cards are going to help. Always keep some cash handy so that essential things can be purchased in hard times.

2. Water – Water is the most basic necessity for all living beings. Always keep water in store, for at least three days worth. One has to be very careful in terms of water during natural disasters as there is always a risk of an epidemic.

3. Medicines – Always keep your first aid kit handy and updated with fresh medicines. One should also stock up some medicines, which can be used in case of emergencies. Things like anti – septic lotions, band aids, cotton, pain killers and anti biotics must be always stocked.

4. Food – It is wise to have a stock of canned food for emergencies. It may not be advised to consume canned food on regular basis, but in emergency situations such things work like saviors. Other food items like biscuits, crackers, fruit juices in tetra packs can also help.

5. Insurance – If you reside in an area that is flood or earthquake prone, make sure you have proper insurance for the house and health to make yourself secure from burdens of damages.