Tips to distract yourself when in severe pain


    Updated Trends: Pain is something one does not want to go through. One can have either severe or a mild pain; some pains are bearable, while some which are chronic and can almost break you down to tear. Sometimes even painkillers do not help, and trying to keep your mind off the pain is like a might challenge.  In such cases, here are the top five ways to distract yourself from a chronic pain.


    1. Go for a stroll – If possible, go out in open air when the weather is favorable and try to bring good things in mind, like good memories etc. A walk always helps to relax your mind and distracts you from the pain.

    2. Pen down something – It can be either a to-do list, a poetry, a song or even a story. In this way you keep your mind busy in something else and help you to shift your focus from pain.

    3. A shower – A good shower helps refresh you mind and makes you feel happy and confident. This can help the person in pain to forget the pain. If you can use some lavender scented bath oil or just any of your favorite smelling soaps, then it can keep your mind off the pain.

    4. Laugh – A hearty laugh is the best medicine. Watch a funny movie along with your family or friends or just crack a joke so that you get a reason to laugh. You can even take out the old college day photographs to have a hearty laugh, while remembering those golden days.

    5. Make yourself busy – You can indulge in your favorite novel, a movie or some hobby. Keeping yourself busy will help you to forget your pain. Work on your hobby, strum the guitar or just do what you love.

    These are just ways to distract yourself from the pain and are not remedies. If the pain still persists, it is advisable to check up with your doctor or local health practitioner and get yourself treated.