Exercise Vs Diet- Which is a healthier weight loss option?


    Updated Trends: Losing weight is the biggest problem an individual faces, who has those extra kgs. Many people prefer to go on a strict diet than to burn the calories with the help of exercise. Those who opt to diet are actually forgetting that dieting takes away all the nutrients from the body, which does not do any good to the body. So if you were to comapre exercise with dieting, whcih one will be a healthier option? Here are a few reasons why one must exercise and not diet to lose weight.

    Exercise & Diet

    1. Nutrients saved – When person exercises, the nutrients that enter the body are absorbed properly. Dieting takes away all the nutrients and puts a negative effect on the body like lowered sugar levels, weakness, anemic problems, etc. Also, cutting down the amount of food, will result in binges and later the consumption of unhealthy food.

    2. Increased oxygen – Exercise also helps in restoring and increasing the oxygen levels in the cells of the body. The body cells need enough oxygen to keep the body fit and healthy, and this can be achieved only through daily exercise.

    3. Heart care – Always remember that your heart is also a muscle and it also needs exercise. It is really essential to do cardio exercises, which keeps the heart healthy and also helps to develop stamina.

    4. Glowing face – A sedentary life style never does any good to the individual. While a person who does regular exercise always has a glowing face. So even if you diet, and think you can sit around and expect to lose weight, think again!

    5. Body strength – Exercise helps to develop body strength and also helps to develop immunity. It helps in increasing your stamina, while a diet will only make you lethargic and tired.