Top 5 ways to recognize computer problems


Updated Trends: Computers have occupied an important place in every person’s life. Be it a student, a professional, a house wife or even a kid, computer caters to every individual through some way or other. Most of the people depend on the computers for important studies and researches. There are also times when one faces problems with the computer due to some malfunction. Here are the top five ways to recognize the problems in the computer.


1. Shut down – If the computer shuts down on its own, when you are working on it. This is an indication that there is some serious problem with the PC.

2. Blue screen – While working with the computer, if the monitor all of a sudden turns blue, then it means that there is some problem. This indicates that the operating system is stopping the computer due to some error.

3. Burning smell – There are also chances of shot circuit inside the panel of the computer. If you smell some thing burning, immediately turn off the computer and seek professional help.

4. Hangs – When the computer stops responding to any of the commands and the mouse and the cursor stop responding, this is an indication of trouble.

5. Unwanted noises – If you hear some noises, which are not usually heard like some whirling sound or constant beeps, this indicates that some thing has gone wrong.

A computer is something that is so handy in the generation that we live in and it has changed the trend of life. Imagine your life without a computer now and you will feel literally handicapped.