5 things not to do in an interview


Updated Trends: Interview is the most crucial time, as it decides your source to your bread and butter. Many people have an impression that one must be honest while in an interview. It is true to a certain extent, but one should not over do it. Here are five things one should not be doing at an interview.


1. Shabby dressing – One should be neatly dressed and make sure that you smell clean. At the same time one should not over use the perfumes or deodorants, as this turns off the interviewing panel.

2. Think before answering – One should make sure not to talk your heart out at an interview. Many times one tends to disclose something, which gives a wrong impression of the person to interviewing panel.

3. Talk negative about ex employers – No matter how friendly the interviewer tries to be, make sure that you never talk negative about your previous employers.

4. Wear casual clothes – A candidate for an interview must appear in professional clothing. If you dress in casuals, it gives an impression that you are not interested in the job or do not give much importance.

5. Answer cell phone calls – The most important thing one must do during an interview, is to switch off the cell phone. Answering a phone call during an interview is rude.