Top 5 lessons for a puppy dog


Updated Trends: A new puppy at home gradually becomes a member of the family. The initial days are the most crucial ones for the puppy as well as the owners, as they try to adopt the new surrounding. It is essential to start teaching you new puppy a few things at early age. Here are the top five lessons to be taught to the puppy.


1. Stay – The first lesson the puppy must learn to obey your orders. It is also due to security reasons, especially when you have small kids at home. The order teaches the dog self control and respect for the master.

2. Come – Come is another safety command. The puppy can learn the command every time it is fed after it obeys. The order also prevents accidents on other people, who come as guests at home.

3. Down – One must never allow the puppy to jump on you. The dog does it to grab attention. This behavior of the dog can be dangerous, especially when there are elderly people or children at home who cannot bear the weight of the dog.

4. Reward your dog – If your puppy does exactly what you want him to, reward him with some tit bits. If you don’t reward them then they may gradually forget what he does.

5. Bathroom training – It is essential to train you dog to excrete only out doors.