5 reasons to quit smoking


Updated Trends: Everyone in the world very well knows the consequences of smoking. Only a few realize that its consequences can be fatal. It is also said that smoking harms more to the passive smoker. Here are the five reasons one must think seriously to quit smoking.


1. Health problems – Even the packing of the cigarettes mention that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Smoking affects lungs, heart and even blood pressure. As mentioned before smoking also causes complications for those who are around smokers.

2. Bad odor – Smoking turn off the person standing next to you as it make the smoker stink. Smoking stinks up the cloths as well as the entire house.

3. Teeth stains – Smoking stains the teeth making them look brown and ugly. The only way to remove the stains is a visit to the dentist. One can even use an over the counter application, which may just reduce the stains or help avoid further stains.

4. Effect on children – When a person smokes in front of children, then they become the passive smokers which is also not good for their health. Since they watch you smoke, they may even develop the habit in future.

5. Costs your pocket – Spending on cigarettes is nothing but waste of money. Once the smoker gets addicted to it, he/ she ends up spending a lot on cigarettes.