Kitchen cleaning tips – 5 ways to maintain your cooking area hygiene


    Updated Trends: Cooking is a task that often messes up the kitchen. And for those who do not have any experience, it is even more difficult for them to keep the kitchen station clear at the same time that they are cooking. If the kitchen is messy, then the person  who is cooking often tends to become confused. However, to avoid all the confusion, here are the top five ways to maintain cleanliness while cooking.


    1. Plan first – The first step is to plan the menu of the meal. Make a good plan and follow the chronology. Make sure you keep everything in mind or pen it down, so that once you’re done with one dish, you know which dish is up next.

    2. Start sensibly – Make sure you look around the kitchen before you start. If there are a few dishes in the sink, make sure to wash them so that you can also make use of them while cooking, and at the same time, don’t waste precious cooking time cleaning up.

    3. Clean while cooking – Make sure you keep cleaning things that you will need through out the cooking task. Do not keep filling the sink with the utensils.

    4. Multi-task – Do not stick to one work at a time. While you have kept something in the oven, you can either cut the salad or chop veggies for another dish so that you can save time.

    5. Before serving – Before you serve the meal, make sure you soak the utensils in water so that the washing process becomes easier after you finish the meal.

    Once all this has been done, keep a kitchen towel at handy to wipe your hands, and a cloth to clean up any mess on the counter.