Top 15 pranks for April Fools Day


    Like every year, the opportunity to fool everyone has come again. There are several pranks that can be tried on your friends or even family members. Here are the top 15 pranks that can be used on those, who take humor in the right sense.


    1. Dripping cups – Poke some holes in the disposable cups of water. The next person using the cups will have some sprinkles on their dress.

    2. Chilly powder – Try to put some extra chilly powder in sandwiches and offer them to you colleague.

    3. Extra clothing – Get some extra clothing with you and pass by the victim, with a new set of clothing every time you pass.

    4. Awards – If someone has won an award recently, then spread a rumour that the award has been cancelled.

    5. Ransom – Steel anything from the victim’s desk and ask for a ransom to get the thing back. The victim will respond immediately, if the thing is something embarrassing.

    6. Soda – Replace the drinking water from the victim’s water bottle and re fill it with soda.

    7. Phone call – Call the victim and tell that he/she has been called in the police station urgently.

    8. Coins – glue some coins and place them at the passage and watch the victim trying to pick up the coins.

    9. Banana – Place a banana on the chair of the victim and offer him to sit.

    10. Fake cake – Fill a cake box with lots of froth and make it look like a cake and place it in the kitchen.

    11. Spoiled milk – Add some yellow food color to the milk, which makes it look like the milk is spoiled.

    12. Sink spray – Fit an elastic band on the sink tap. When the victim opens the tap the water will spray on him directly.

    13. Liquid soap – Rub some liquid soap on the doorknob of the victim’s cabin.

    14. Toothpaste in socks – Put some toothpaste or whipped cream in the victim’s socks.

    15. Mid night alarm – Set an alarm at 3 am and hide it in the victim’s bedroom.