Five reasons one must buy a two wheeler instead of a car


    Updated Trends: It has always been a topic of argument whether to buy a car or a two wheeler. However, different people have different necessities. In this age, when convenience has become a necessity one has to think twice before selecting the proper mode of transport. Here are the top five reasons one should opt for a two wheeler than a car.


    1. Fuel efficient – A two wheeler is definitely more fuel efficient than a car. On an average, a two wheeler is capable of giving 50kmps per litre, while a car can maximum give up to 25 km per litre.

    2. Parking space – Parking space has indeed become an issue these days. Many times people even get in to trouble, fighting for parking space. While a two wheeler can always find space for itself.

    3. Convenience – Whether it is a crowded place or an empty highway. A two wheeler can sway anywhere and can get in to almost any small street. While one has to think twice while entering a tiny street with a car.

    4. Cost efficient – A two wheeler is always cheaper than a car. One can even escape from the lengthy loan formalities of a car loan.

    5. Joy ride – On a two wheeler one can enjoy the breeze along with a companion on the pillion.