5 most delicious cakes in the world


Updated Trends: Cakes are one of the most sinful delights counted among the deserts. They are loved by people of all ages and bring smiles to the faces of people who indulge in them. There are hundreds of recipes of cakes and there are thousands of shapes that can be given to the, but which are the top five cakes in the world one has to try?


1. Chocolate chip cake – A chocolate chip cake is the favorite of all children. It is easy to make and as the name suggests, it has lots of choco chips in it. Chocolate chips are now days easily available in the market, if not it can be also easily made at home.

2. Ice cream cake – Ice cream cake is either ice cream, which is given a shape of a cake or it can also be layered in between the cake. The desert can also be garnished with lots of fruits or cookie crumbles.

3. Carrot cake – A carrot cake consists of grated carrots. The carrots added in the cake, actually softens while it is being baked. Some of the carrot cake ingredients also include nuts, pineapple, raisins or even coconut.

4. Black Forest cake – The Black Forest cake is a south German cake. The cake consists of several layers of cake with whipped cream and cherries between every layer and is a rage among both kids and adults.

5. Poppy seed cake – Poppy seeds are tiny kidney shaped seeds obtained from opium poppy. The interesting ingredients that go in to the recipe are honey, butter, sour cream, eggs and off course poppy seeds.