E-books vs books – Which is a better companion for an avid reader?


    Updated Trends: Books will always remain the best way to pass time. With the technology improving day by day, readers can now get e-books easily through internet that can be downloaded in many formats. But with a growing number of paperback books now available as e-books, which one of them will be a better companion? When looked from a holistic approach, here are the five reasons, why e-books are better than books.


    1. Greener – E-books are greener options as a lot of paper is saved instead of processing a book. In times when it is also essential to think about saving the environment, it is wise to opt for an e-book instead of a book.

    2. Available in many formats – E-books can be downloaded in many formats to a computer, PDA and even cell phones. Users can also read the e-books online without even downloading them and it can be ideal companion since you don’t need to turn on a light when you’re  reading an e-book.

    3. Fast – E-Books are best for those who cannot wait a couple of days for the books to be delivered to them. In case of an emergency, when all books stores are shut, e-books can be available at the convenience of you desktop PC.

    4. Saves money – E-books helps to save a lot of money as lot of paper and other stationery is saved. Many times, e-books are also available for free on the internet.

    5. Saves space – E-books just need some space in you computer or in your cell phones, while the books occupy a lot of space in the shelves.