Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World


Updated Trends: It is really hard to list the 10 most happiest countries in the world, except if one starts to consider the economy, expenditure and population of a particular country. But in the end, what really makes a country “happy”? Is it the climate? or the guidelines set by the ruling government? or the natural and tourist-worthy destination that the particular country boasts?

Kronborg castle Denmark

1) Denmark – It is the happiest country in the world, as there is negligible poverty in the country, high living standards almost everywhere, and life expectancy is quite high. The country also has a Royal family residing with certain powers, which adds to the charm of the country.

Swiss Alps

2) Switzerland – The country lies right in the middle of Europe, and it a financial giant. With a very small population and strong economy, the government has indeed kept its citizens quite happy. The country’s breathtaking natural beauty, and snow slopes make it a must visit destination for every travelling tourist. It must be the serenity of the Alps that change the mood of the country into a cheerful one!

3) Austria – Austria was not even visible on the world map during the world war, and today this country has become an important destination in Europe. Strict environmental regulations, proper living standards, high rate of life expectancy, this country is indeed quite content.

4) Iceland – When one thinks about this country, only ice may come into the min. But fortunately there is more than just ice here. Good health care has made the life expectancy in the nation to almost 80 years. Thanks to the stable economy, it is pleasant to abide here.

5) Bahamas – The Caribbean delight! And who does not want live here? It is a tropical paradise after all. The citizens of Bahamas are always happy because of the warm sunshine and beautiful landscapes, and the sand n surf.

6) Finland – The best Scandinavian country in north, and with the best medical care available for little or no cost the life expectancy rate here is the highest.

7) Sweden – Another Scandinavian country which has been considered as a beautiful place to reside because of its high expectancy rate, scenic nature and strong economy. The role of the Royal family in the affairs of the country also makes this country a joy to live in.

8). Bhutan – Bhutan lies on the edge of the Himalayas, where the beauty of the country itself mesmerises many people and it is one of the happiest countries in the world.

9) Brunei – Brunei is a very small country, and the oil exports have helped the country get a strong economy, and in addition to this the government has taken strong steps to keep its citizens happy and content.

10) Canada – Lastly Canada, this is the country which is almost covered with snow. Strong economy, better living standards have helped the country gain strong importance in the world. It has also become a second home for migrants who want to leave a cool and peaceful life.