Five most beautiful cars in the world


    Updated Trends: There are many varieties of cars in the world today, but there are only a few which have the stolen away people’s hearts by its looks alone. There are five most beautiful cars in the history of automobiles and they are as follows –


    5) 1969 Ford Mustang: A brute of a muscle car that has the ability to pump adrenaline even the heart. Sturdy looks and masculine finish, this is the only American car that has been remembered by many, only by its name.

    4) Ferrari Dino: With a V6 engine below its hood, the car has the ability to sprint like a wild weasel. The curvaceous looks, she is a darling to every driver, thanks to the exquisite Italian design its Ferrari till its soul.

    3) Mercedes Benz 300 SL: Familiar name? why not, one look at this car and the winged doors fog ones mind. This German baby is one of a kind Mercedes. The winged doors became a trademark to this car for decades. Its finish and quality is the highlight of it stance, and not to mention it is quite pricey to order one today.

    2) Jaguar E-Type: It was powerful and beautiful, same as to a woman with beauty and brains, this is a car every wants to have his hands on. It actually has sex appeal in it, one look and you fall in love with it, but sadly it has been out of production for decades.

    1) MERCEDES-BENZ SSK COUNT TROSSI: Hand crafted by God himself, you will sell your relative to buy this darling. The shape of the car reminds one of a perfume bottle, and as the scent of the perfume remains unforgettable, this car shall never be erased from your memory. The beauty of this car is so exquisite there are no proper words to describe it, rather to just exclaim and say ‘Viola’.