The top 10 fashion designers in the world


Updated Trends: With the world becoming a lot more style-conscious and doing their best to ape their celebrity role models, there is growing interest in the top fashion designers in the world. Though Versace, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli are some of the big names in the world, there are thousands of designers who are in the same league, but who are the top 10 best fashion designers in the world?

Eva Longoria Calvin Klein

The following are the top 10 fashion designers in the world, for fashion today is based on the latest trends and we have seen a change over the past hundred years in the dominant styles. Thanks to these fashion designers they have been known as trend setters of the 20th century.

10) Elsa Schiaparelli – The Italian designer is known for her work on shades of pink and surreal designs, which were critically acclaimed. Her work was unique and she stands on number 10 on our list.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Christian DiorSarah Jessica-Parker in a “barely mint” gown by Christian Dior Couture

9) Christian Dior – The name has been heard everywhere and why not, it is because of his work that revolutionized the way people dressed during the 40’s. This French designer is still known for his work that paved the way for modern French dressing, and has the top celebrities as fans.

8). Roy Halston Frowick – The American designer is well known for his work in the late 60’s and 70’s specially as it had brought a strong change in the American dressing culture, mainly the disco season.

Calvin Klein FergieFergie in a yellow Calvin Klein dress

7) Calvin Klein – This is the most well known name in the world of fashion. The major change this designer brought in the world of fashion is in the trend of disco and club wear. Tight jeans was his trademark, and his breath taking gowns has made him a favorite to the Hollywood A-listers.

6) Ralph Lauren – Who does not know Ralph Lauren today? It is due to the fabric quality and design that this fashion designer earned the name of being the best in the business.

jennifer-Lopez. VersaceJennifer Lopez in the gravity-defying Versace dress

5) Gianni Versace – Versace is the most well known Italian fashion name in Europe today. Versace had used various colours and complicated designs, and dark prints, to earn his name and this is the way his brand today is on the top. Even though his fashion empire is run by his sister Donatella Versace, it continues to flourish day after day.

4) Valentino Garavani – Garavani is the biggest Italian name in the fashion industry today. One cannot define his particular style for he has experimented in almost every field.

Anne Hathaway Armani gownAnne Hathaway in a Armani Privé gown.

3) Giorgio Armani – Known for the suits and modern dressing attires for men around the world, his work is regarded exceptional. The Italian fashion house has also made it’s way into the cosmetic and travel industry.

Kate Winslet YSLTitanic star Kate Winslet in a Yves Saint Laurent dress

2) Yves Saint Laurent – He was well known in France for his work on women’s dressing style, giving them bold looks and style. Besides, the brand also made it’s foray into cosmetics.

coco chanel
Coco Chanel – the best fashion designer in the world, voted by fashion enthusiasts

1) Coco Chanel – This is the borderline of the French and global designing from women. Her thoughts were so liberated during the world war era, she critically acclaimed. She changed the traditional lifestyle of women in France.