Top 10 Cellphones available today in the market


Updated Trends: In the world of technology today we have the most important innovation and it is the Cellphone. This device is the most integral part of out lives today, and has served almost every purpose of communication. We have the top 10 cellphones available in the market today.

1) Samsung Epic 4G – The latest offering by Samsung, which comes with a real keypad, 4G network and a front facing camera. The phone is really neat.

2) T-Mobile myTouch 4G – The myTouch 4G is yet another 4G phone which is performing extremely well and has HSPA+ features on it. A worth buy product from T-Mobile.

3) HTC Evo 4G – A Chinese marvel, exquisite phone with phenomenal technology, complete 4G network and value for money.

4) Apple iPhone 32GB – Apple’s only cellphone in the market today, and it is creating waves of success. Launched only a few years back the iPhone model has made its own recognition.

5) Motorola Droid X – The Droid X is the best phone under the brand name Motorola. It is a smartphone with really good features, but the UI can be upsetting at times.

6) HTC Droid Incredible: HTC’s another innovation, the Droid Incredible, which is running on the Android OS and has gained good success over seas, another VFM phone from HTC.

7) Google Nexus S – The Google Nexus S was the most awaited smartphone from Samsung. Made in collaboration with Samsung and Google, the phone has redefined web technology.

8 ) Samsung Mesmerizer – Its a brilliant phone with sleek design and good looks, worth to buy.

9) Samsung Focus – Samsung Focus comes with a 5MP camera and is running on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. A neat product from Samsung.

10) Samsung Fascinate – Sold by Verizon, its user friendly features is something that has coped up with every user, it has become a personal favourite for any Samsung user.