Second Sun To Appear Soon, Night Will Turn Into Day On Earth


    Updated Trends: A spectacular event will soon take place in the skies above us, as there will be a temporary second sun which will appear very soon, scientists say it will have the capacity to turn the night into day. We are not speaking about a new star that will appear in our solar system, rather it is a star which will explode into a supernova, and the explosion will create enough light density to light up our night.

    second sun

    Betelgeuse is a massive star in the Orion belt and it has exploded back in the middle ages, according to some scientists, the light of this event will reach earth by some time in the year 2011-12. According to some experts, the event should take place for earth in the coming year 2012, or any time in the next million years.

    During the supernova event, people on earth do not need to fear, for the event has taken place 640 light years away, which is just too far. As the star ran out of fuel it collapsed and exploded into a supernova, emitting tonnes of energy and light into space.

    Source: DailyMail