Top 5 winter fashion trends for women


Updated Trends: Gone are the days when winter used to be the season when women hardly get to flaunt their figure. For some, winter is also a season when your best designer dress is camouflaged with an ugly sweater on top, for a best friend’s wedding in December.

Winter wear
1. Break the rules – Who says that it is essential to carry an old-fashioned classic look on a wedding ceremony. During winters, one can even sport a fancy sweater top or a short coat along with a pair of jeans. If you are adventurous, opt for a stylish trench coat and knee-length boots.

2. Watch your figure – One has to also look for clothes and sweaters that will flaunt your figure. If you are on a bulky side, choose a warm outfit that will not make you look fat. And if you are bit under weight, opt for thick fabric that may give your body some volume. Also, mix and match different styles of tops to see that you don’t look to thin or fat. Try out turtle-tops, polo necks, or boat-neck tops to see which one works for you.

3. Rule throughout the year – It is not essential that winter wear can be worn only when the temperature in cold. Make sure you shop wisely for warm clothes so that they can be worn even during warm weather. A simple cashmere sweater teemed with a long sleeved top can look chic.

Turtle neck
4. Experiment with colors – Winter is a season of colors, do not be scared to experiment with bright colors. However make sure you choose a color that may flatter your complexion. Reds, oranges, mauves, yellow, browns and blues are some great colors to try out during winter.

Winter bag
5. Be prepared – Always be prepared with a sweater in your bag, which is not too bulky, and is just the right size to fit in your bag.