Bomb Explosion At Moscow International Airport, 35 People Dead In The Attack


Updated Trends: In one of the most shocking news from Russia, a bomb explosion has taken place at the Moscow International Airport, and reports show 35 people have been killed in this suspected attack. This attack has been termed as a suicide bomb attack which took place at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. What has now got even worse, is one of the victims who have died includes a Briton.

moscow airport blast

The foreign office has reported that there are number of people who have been killed, but as of now they have not released the names of the victims, nor of any Britisher who has died in this attack. The situation and the atmosphere around the airport is quite tense, as everybody is questioning who has actually done such an act.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health have released the names of the people who have been admitted at the hospital, they are the injured who were caught in the grip of this gruesome attack. Reports show, Slovak actress Zuzana Fialova too has been injured in the explosion, and she has been taken to the Moscow hospital for treatment.

Source: Telegraph.UK