Google Needs A Steve Jobs ‘Type’ Leader


Updated Trends: Google seems to need a Steve Jobs ‘type’ of a leader who will lead the company towards success and positive horizons. As Mark Zuckerberg, developed Facebook into a social networking tool that has captured the entire globe, Google too has to bring in someone similar to Zuckerberg and Jobs. Recent news show that Google will raise all its employees salary by 10%, in a move to get better work out of them.

Steve Jobs Google leader

Google undoubtedly is having a fine quarter this year and also the previous one too. Apple on the other hand should have a tough time ahead, as the Android and YouTube international market has gained a lot of popularity since a couple of years.

Eric Schmidt one of the men behind Google has contributed a lot for the search giant, especially its popularity and usage today has brought it to a whole different level. Google is the greatest thing that could happen to the Internet, and now as Schmidt takes an exit from the company, there should be someone like Steve Jobs to lift Google to newer horizons.

Source: TopNews