Crop Circles Found In The Rice Fields Of Yogyakarta, Indonesia


    Updated Trends: Crop Circles have been discovered in the rice fields of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and this has indeed surprised many scientists and experts. According to the residents of the village they say this formation has been created by some UFO’s, and it quite strange the incident has taken place in Krasakan, a hamlet in Sleman.

    crop circles indonesia

    After taking a look at the pattern, there are two circles and large triangle, with the circles inside a large circle. The diameter of the formation is also quite large, as it is 25-30 meters wide. A witness from the village says “The circles were there since yesterday morning. I think they were left by an alien space ship, like one I saw in TV”.

    Even other people who were at the scene have said, this particular formation in the field cannot be made by some animal, because it is just to complex and large. The crop circles made in the rice paddy have shocked all the farmers, as the other parts of the rice pads are intact and untouched. The incident was first reported by a farmer on Sunday at 06.00 am.

    Source: AsiaOne