Detroit Police Officials Injured In Department Shootout


    Updated Trends: In an eerie incident which has taken place at the Detroit Police Department, a man walked into the Police premises and open fired indiscriminately, injuring four police officers. A spokesperson said, the man had held a pistol grip shotgun, which he used to open fire over the police, and he was successful in injuring four of the officers.

    detroit gunman shootout

    As this man attacked the officials, they counter fired on him which resulted to his death. One of the police officers was seriously injured, as he sustained a bullet wound in his lower back. He underwent a surgery and is now said to be in critical condition.

    A female officer too was injured, as she sustained a bullet wound on her chest, but her bullet proof vest protected her. Two other officers have been injured and are hospitalized, they are scheduled to be released on Monday. As per the police, they know the identification of gunman but they have refused to release his profile.

    Source: NYTimes