Tony Blair Says That Force Should Be Used Against Iran, As It Is A Threat


Updated Trends: Tony Blair, ex Prime Minister of UK, was present at the Iran Nuclear Talks in Turkey, and in the presence of the six major powers of the globe, he said that they will require to use force against Iran, for now it has started to loom as a threat to many nations. Iran’s Nuclear Program is becoming a challenge, and this is just not the way of life, Blair said.

Tony-Blair-Iran Nuclear Talks

Iran had previously confronted, and now it has changed, this is proving to be threat to everyone, the nation is even supporting terrorists, these words by the former PM were quite stern against the Islamic Republic. Blair currently is the quartet envoy to the Middle East, and he is looking into the matter of flourishing peace in the region.

Blair also added “I say this to you with all of the passion I possibly can — at some point the West has to get out of what I think is a wretched policy or posture of apology for believing that we are causing what the Iranians are doing, or what these extremists are doing”. Tony Blair regularly keeps visiting the Middle East, and he has said that Iran’s Nuclear development impact can be seen almost everywhere in the region.

Source: Haaretz