Three Die In Albania Clashes, As Prime Minister Berisha Becomes Defiant


Updated Trends: Clashes have taken place in Albania, and it is not something that it similar to Tunisian riots. Three people have been reported to have lost their lives in the clashes as Prime Minister Berisha becomes defiant. The Prime Minister was quite upset after witnessing the violence in the country, for he said that no one can snatch the power from the nation with violence.

Albanian-Clashes 2011

Thousands of people stood in protest against the government, demanding its resignation, but later they were confronted by the Tirana Police force. Opposition leaders sought this as an opportunity and criticized, saying the crowd was provoked and the police have not behaved with them in a professional manner.

Albania is one of the poorest nations in Europe and it is due to hold its next elections in the year 2013, and with such an atmosphere in the nation, matters will tend to only get worse. The entire issue began with Ilir Meta, who was an ally to the PM, and had to resign after he was found guilty in a power plant tender corruption. The people and the opposition want a fresh election and a new government as soon as possible.

Source: BBC