Actor George Clooney Had Contacted Malaria During His Sudan Trip


    Updated Trends: Hollywood actor George Clooney had contacted malaria during his recent trip to Sudan. The actor was in the African country to witness the historic elections which were taking place, and he was present there to set up his satellite project along with Google. The actor had worked along with Google to set a satellite monitoring system over the region, to witness the entire fallout of the elections.

    george_clooney sudan malaria

    This satellite project by Clooney was name ‘Enough’, and this had been set up to end the genocide crime in the country. He told the media that he had contacted malaria during this trip, and he was quite jolly about this subject. He laughed and told that it was the second time he had contacted malaria in life.

    The recent elections in Sudan were held to determine whether the country splits into two or not. Clooney on the other hand started to take medicines for his malaria, he later recovered. He was quite jovial when he spoke about his sickness and mosquitoes in Sudan. For now the actor is safe and in perfect health.

    Source: CNN