South Korean Navy Rescue Hijacked Ship Crew, Kill Somali Pirates


Updated Trends: In sensational combat operation undertaken by the South Korean Navy, they have successfully rescued the crew of a hijacked ship and have killed a number of Somali Pirates. The rescue operation had taken place in the Indian ocean and it is said the Navy commandos killed around eight pirates. Colonel Lee Bung-Woo has confirmed that they have successfully killed some Somali Pirates and rescued all the crew members safely.

south korean navy somali pirates

The combat took place some 1300 kms northeast to Somalia in the Indian Ocean, but one of the South Korean Soldiers has been injured, as he took a bullet to his stomach, his condition is not life threatening. The Ship hijacked was a 11,500 tonne vessel which had 21 crew members on board, eight South Koreans, two Indonesians and 11 from Myanmar.

The was on its route to Sri Lanka, and had left from UAE but it was captured by the Somali Pirates. The commandos had used a speed boat and a lynx helicopter for the mission. Somalian Pirates have been creating problems to many cargo vessels that pass through the region, and many a times they even capture these vessels in ransom for money.

Source: AFP