President Obama Holds Real American State Dinner For President Hu Jintao


Updated Trends: President Barack Obama and the first Lady, Michelle Obama held a real American state dinner for the Chinese President Hu Jintao. The dinner was a very special occasion as two former Presidents were present at the table, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Sources state the Chinese President expected a true American dinner and indeed that was what he got.

Obama Hu Jintao State Dinner

The dinner party consisted of 225 guests, which included a host of Politicians from both countries, government personnel, movie stars and also a few businessmen. The dinner turned out to be very successful, as the food was quite good, delicious and truly American. The President was wearing a Black Suit and bow, full of American etiquettes, and it reflected from his dressing.

One can note that Obama is very much known from throwing dinner parties from his visiting leaders, especially the one given to the Indian delegates in 2009. The Dinner had been kept in a temporary pavilion at on the South Lawn, which is frequently used for such occasions.

Source: SunTimes