Gabrielle Giffords Could May Get Discharged On Friday


Updated Trends: Gabrielle Giffords, the US Congresswoman who had been shot, may get discharged from the hospital on Friday, the mother of the US Rep. told the New York Times. Her mother, Gloria Giffords has said that her daughter has been responding quite well to the medications and is also able to do complex actions.

Gabrielle-Giffords discharged

Mark Kelly, husband of Gabrielle, told the media that his wife is not aware that six people had died during the shooting. Doctors on the other hand say that she is responding to all their commands and is successfully following all the movements for her limbs, this is indeed a miracle.

Mark told the media that she has strong willpower and has started to show signs of strong development. She will stand up and start walking as soon as in two weeks, this brought tears in the family’s eyes. As she gets discharged she will be moved to a rehabilitation centre, where she should start improving her movements in the body. But Giffords staff says that as of now there has been no final decision about her discharge.

Source: MSNBC