Jean-Claude Duvalier ‘Baby Doc’ Returns To Haiti, Journalist Plans To File Charges Against Him


Updated Trends: The former ruler of Haiti, Jean-Claude Duvalier or better known as ‘baby doc’ has returned to his country from exile. But as he returns there is some bad news for him, for a journalist is planning to file charges against him, and it will surely be considered as criminal charges. Jean-Claude had ran away from his country and had taken exile in France in the year 1986.


25 years later Jean-Claude has made a comeback to his mother land, and says that he is here to help the nation, but there are many who still remember him and his torturous rule, under which he ran Haiti for many years.

He had been awarded leadership from his father, but as soon as he got it he misused the power and led a violent regime in the country. The Journalist who is about to press charges against the former President of Haiti says that “We have enough proof. There are enough people who can testify. And what I will do is go to a public prosecutor and there is a public prosecutor that could actually accommodate our complaints.”

Source: CNN