California To Face Winter Superstorm, Say Scientists


Updated Trends: California is on the edge of being shaken up by its roots as a superstorm is heading straight towards the state. Scientists state this is a storm that the state has never seen before because of its capacity to destroy life and property. The analysts are saying the storm could cause four to five times more damage than the earthquake had done.

It has also been projected that the superstorm could tear up the coast with heavy rain and floods, for it has the potential of dropping 10 feet of rain during this havoc. More than 100 scientists have predicted what is coming towards California and have stated that floods have always been part of California as earthquakes, but this is something very big.
california superstorm

The flood will damage property and assets worth $300 billion, and this something the current generation of California has never seen. It is hair raising when the meteorological department predicted the superstorm, as this can also take lives of many people who are not in a safe position. The US Geological Survey has clearly made its statement, “We are probably not going to be able to handle the biggest ones.”

The California Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are working together to find out ways to limit the extent of damage which is going to be caused by the Superstorm. Scientists have clearly blamed the earth’s rising temperatures, greenhouse gases, energy in stores, which are causing the planet to produce more violent storms and natural disasters that has never been seen before.

Source: NYTimes